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Wendy Mewes Writer, Walker, Guide

Member of The Society of Authors, Travelwriters UK, Association des Ecrivains bretons


Moon Garden and Five of Cups - novels

My two published novels are Moon Garden (2004) and Five of Cups (2006). The first, about a man’s struggles with love, has an ethos of magic, greatly influenced by an earlier period of living in Glastonbury, where I had many remarkable experiences and met some extraordinary people. The second has a tarot theme, a subject irresistible to anyone with an interest in symbolism, but is again about finding honesty in relationships, coping with change and making courageous choices in life.

Quite a few comment on the strong depictions of place in both books, but especially the Five of Cups, which takes place in Brittany. These settings were an early manifestation of the interest in landscape and its relationship to behaviour which has developed over the years into a main priority in my writing.


People often assume the two superb paintings on the covers of my novels are by the same artist. Not so, but close. The Moon Garden cover was produced for me by David Brayne, a multi-prize winning member of the Royal Watercolour Society (davidbrayne.wordpress.com).
It is officially entitled Wendy’s Garden. David’s wife Jane (janebrayne.wordpress.com), well-known as the archaeological illustrator on BBC 2’s Meet the Ancestors,  was kind enough to produce the wonderful painting on the Five of Cups’ cover and generous enough to make me a gift of the original.

The Shape of Mist – short stories

I wrote a prize-winning story for a competition organized by the regional Parc d’Armorique. It was to create a legend to explain the disappearance of the nuclear power station (currently in dismantlement) from the wild landscape of the Monts d’Arrée. This tale later formed the nucleus for a collection of stories - The Shape of Mist - about this distinctive area, playing with traditional legends and inventing new ones. The edition is a dual-language text with the English also translated into French by Yves Marhic, and illustrations by Steve Leighton.

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