Writing about Brittany

Wendy Mewes
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December 2023

Second session of my new writers' group

Writing up Tro Breiz notes

Taking a break in Le Conquet
I’ve been writing about Brittany for more than twenty years, with a focus on history, legends and spirit of place. My research has taken me to every corner of the region, especially for recent works of place-writing on ancient paths and the stories connected with megalithic and natural stones. I am interested in the relationship between places and their past, including the cultural presentation of this connection, and human reactions to the particularity of place. Why do some sites generate more interest than others? How do certain stories attach to specific places? What constitutes the spiritual appeal associated with sacred space? Megalithic memorials, Druidic lore, saintly powers, pilgrimage trails and popular perception are just some of the ingredients in my exploration of the early history of Brittany through its landscape.
Set in a Breton village
Land of Legend
The Stolen Saint, cover
The Ambling Rock, cover
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