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Wendy Mewes writing about Brittany

Member of The Society of Authors, Travelwriters UK, Association des Ecrivains bretons

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The mirror of landscape

I write with a passion for sacred landscapes and an ear for abiding echoes of the deep past that Brittany offers. My recent books trace paths between the historical and imaginative worlds of pre-Christian and Celtic Christian settlement, visting places where marks linger both on the ground and in the multi-layered oral tradition that continues to flourish. Megaliths are the pre-cursors of later monuments to faith and other memorials right up to the present day. Our ancestors continue to speak loudly here through elemental sites mirroring both history and a powerful creative legacy that together form distinctly Breton kinds of magic.

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July 2021

Working on second novel

Writing about stone, grief and ancestors

More coastal visits

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Ouessant - cross St Pol Wayfaring in Brittany, front cover


Many thanks to those who have donated on this website. It has made a real difference in these hard times and I appreciate the kindness and awareness that has prompted your support. I’ll be posting new content to the WRITING page shortly, including an extract from my new Brittany novel: The Stolen Saint..