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HERE & NOW  June 2022

The Tearful Tree comes out on 28th

Visiting eastern Brittany

Celebrating the solstice

Wendy Mewes writing about Brittany

The mirror of landscape

All my work, non-fiction and fiction, is essentially about the spirit of place in Brittany. I write primarily about the past, but here the distinction between now and then is a fine one. The physical/spiritual presence of ancestors lingers in the landscape and built heritage from the ubiquitous megalithic remains to sacred springs and parish closes. History, legends, archaeology, earth energies and geo-poetics are all strands in my explorations. Walking is always on the agenda. Since 2017 I have concentrated on place-writing, poetry and a new series of novels set in a Breton village, where the magic of ancient times endures.

Wayfaring in Brittany, front cover


Personal connection with place is explored here through the description and character of certain little landscapes of Finistère, where the genius loci manifests itself with distinction. This book also considers universal themes relevant to the spirit of place, such as legends, sacred geography and the nature of ruins, as well as other essential elements of the special geopoetics of western Brittany.


With a name, space becomes a place

Geographical glue for man’s environment

Knowing the name of a place is a badge of belonging

Knowing how to give directions is control over strangers.

Territorial affection breeds protean vocabulary

From simple words of shape and structure

To the bounty of Earth defined a myriad ways

Names celebrate nature.

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Brittany Mysteries

The Stolen Saint


The Ambling Rock

(2021 - out NOW)

Two novels set in a Breton village

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WAYFARING IN BRITTANY is a narrative of exploration along old routes spanning history from megaliths to medieval times. On the trail of ancient movement and connection with the landscape, I visit lonely island locations, Neolithic monuments, Celtic and Roman vestiges, sacred ways and many landmarks of pilgrimage still in use today.